Fourmile Canyon

Yesterday and today have nothing at all to do with fashion or models. I was all set to go to the library yesterday and return some dvd’s I had checked out and then do some hiking. When I went outside I noticed a large brown cloud covering half the sky to the north. No, not storm clouds, something else was wrong. I first thought some part of north Boulder was on fire, but a quick call to my friend Nicole informed me it was Fourmile Canyon.

With my bag of gear in the car, I set out to find an open road to stake out some higher ground for a better vantage point. Several roads heading into the foothills had already been closed. I headed up Flagstaff Rd and settled in at Cathedral Point, overlooking the fire from a few miles away.

Sure, I’d seen wildfires on tv, but never first hand. They just don’t have those things in Chicago, or open space and mountains. As wildfires go, this one wasn’t huge like some of California fires, or even previous Colorado ones. But, at 3500 acres and several miles long, it still left me with my jaw open. The size and power of it just left me standing there with a look of disbelief. Sitting there watching an area I had become familiar with and fallen in love with in the past year, change dramatically, in an instant.


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