Why I still shoot film

Don’t get me wrong – I love digital cameras.  The ease of use, instant feedback, and countless editing possibilities are amazing.  But I still shoot with film too, and I love it.  A lot of people ask “why?”  It’s more expensive, harder to get, harder to store, etc, etc.  The best reason or comparison I can make is records (yes the old vinyl Lp’s) vs. CD’s and MP3’s.  Sure the digital formats are much more versatile and portable.  You can’t have a record on your phone.  But if you’ve ever listened to a record through a tube amplifier, you know what I mean.  There’s a warmth in the sound you just can’t can’t recreate on anything else.  Same with film.  As great as digital technology is, you just can’t quite get the same look as film, especially when it comes to black & white.  That slight grainy appearance and unmistakable presence of silver.

A lot of people like the look of a digital camera the size of a lunchbox tethered to a Mac Book and being able to see the shots right there and that’s fine.  But sitting in the parking lot of the photo lab, opening a package of slides and holding them up to the windshield so I can see what they look like… well, it’s better than Christmas.

Denver burlesque performer Lo Lo Flamingo


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