Ana Lola Roman live at Cameo NY

This week I had the pleasure of shooting Ana Lola Roman at her show at Cameo NY in Brooklyn.  Her music is captivating and the visual aspects of her show completely draw you in.  Lots of artists will say their music defies being categorized, but hers really does. It’s really unlike anything I ever heard before and well worth your time to take a listen… and if you can, I highly recommend seeing her live.

Ana Lola Roman
is a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, choreographer, singer / songwriter in Brooklyn, New York and Berlin, Germany. To categorize her music is difficult, but her compositions command a physical effort on part of the listener, be it through dance or reflection. Her striking visual presentations and inventive recording process has made Roman a subject for directors, photographers, and conceptual video artists in both the US and Europe.Many of Roman’s samples and beats were recorded inside the hidden landmark of TEUFELSBERG, an abandoned CIA station located outside of Berlin and in New York City. During this process Roman began to overlay vocals with percussive piano rhythms, bass guitar and self-programmed synthesizers and drum machines. In March, 2010 she toured Germany, Austria and Denmark armed with what she calls “a rough guerilla sample of songs” on the EP “Kreuz Wave” that sold out at shows across in Europe. She garners her influences from flamenco, tango, classical, Cuban “Son” music, 80s pop, modern dance, Sheffield Synthpop, Industrial, Flexi-Pop, Cabaret Voltaire, Severed Heads and German minimal wave.

Since May 2010 Roman has resided in Williamsburg, Brooklyn concentrating on writing more songs. Recently TOM ELLARD, founding member of the 80s Australian experimental electronic group SEVERED HEADS gave Roman his approval to cover and remix two songs he released in the mid-80s. JEAN LUC SINCLAIR, producer, sound engineer, and recording assistant for the likes ofTRENT REZNOR and SCISSOR SISTERS have joined her in the process.


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