A reminder

Sometimes we need a little reminder to jump-start our creativity.  I was talking with a musician friend (who is also one hell of a photo curator/editor and writer) earlier in the week.  We talked at length about changes and updates I need to make to my website, which for me is a daunting task, and it left me feeling, well, uninspired.  Never one to allow me the pity-party for one I was about to throw, she reminded me, “you live in Bed-Stuy, one of the most photogenic neighborhoods in New York.  Get out there and create.”  She was right.  I hadn’t taken my camera out and around the neighborhood since before Hurricane Sandy.  The storm completely threw me off.  I needed to get back out there and just shoot.

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4 responses to “A reminder

  1. Nice work – like the one with the records in the road. I see that and wonder why – not only why are they discarded, but why do folks still have records?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Bill! It made me stop and wonder too. It’s a warehouse area in Bushwick – so there aren’t any nearby apartments. Someone had to transport them at least several blocks to discard them there. And why in the driveway of a warehouse? Maybe it was hipsters “marking their territory” haha

    • Thanks Keryn! It’s so important to be part of a creative community – especially when you need a bit of inspiration to get you back on track

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