Melissa Ferrick at City Winery, NYC

This was another one of those shows I’ve waited a long time to see.  I saw Melissa Ferrick solo years ago, which, of course was a great experience and made me a big fan of her music.  This time around, she brought a full band with her and introduced a packed house to the songs from her new album, due out in May.  Judging by what I heard, I think this may be her best album yet.  It’s definitely one that should be experienced and brought to life in concert with a full band.  If you want to help with that, you can contribute to her Kickstarter campaign to fund her bringing her band on the road.  I guarantee you will be blown away if you see one of those shows.

Melissa Ferrick_006 Melissa Ferrick_012 Melissa Ferrick_131 Melissa Ferrick_251 Melissa Ferrick_263


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