Roll ‘N Donut

Roll ‘n Donut was a place my mom used to take us when my sister and I were younger.  The original place was yellow and dingy and just your classic old donut shop.  It wasn’t pretty, but they made a mean apple fritter.  That building has since been demolished, and while I know the general area it was in, I can’t even find the spot where it stood with any certainty.  The original owner is dead now as well.  But, the name and business does live on in a new location, so I owed it to myself to stop in for a coffee and an apple fritter (which are still as good as ever).

Roll 'n Donut

Roll ‘n Donut

In true old time donut shop fashion, two old men sat at the counter and argued and complained about everything imaginable.

Further down the street from the old location of Roll ‘n Donut is Lee Auto Parts.  It’s still the place I knew it as all those years ago and so is Elgin Car Wash, which is one block south.

Elgin Car Wash

Elgin Car Wash

Lee Auto Parts

Lee Auto Parts



One response to “Roll ‘N Donut

  1. Wow it’s been ages since I had an apple fritter. I think I normally had banana fritters from the local Chinese restaurant when I was a teenager. We don’t have actual doughnut shops in Australia, and the old guys arguing and complaining have to do it in the front bar of pubs or old style greek/turkish cafes (coffee shops)…

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