Indiegogo Campaign

I have to admit, putting together my indiegogo fundraising campaign was a lot harder than I imagined.  Hopefully, all that work will pay off because now the campaign is live.  I’m really excited about doing this artist residency at Le CouveNt and I’m really looking forward to working on this project of photographing musicians there.  The director of the residency is himself a musician and an accomplished conductor.  We’re both thrilled about this project and I can’t wait to start sharing some of the up-close and personal images showing you a side of these artists that most people never see.

I hope you can contribute to it and share it with others because I really want to send you and others the great perks I’m offering.  I’ll be sharing updates from the residency here on my blog and on my website, and maybe eventually we can all make a book out of it.

Vas-y (let’s go)!

Sapphire Mansions_105a



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