The Family Farm

The family farm.  What comes to mind when you hear that?  A brave holdout fighting against the corporatization of farming?  The embodiment of Americana?  A throwback to simpler times?

For me it means family, or at least nearly an entire side of my family.  Granted, a lot less of them are farmers now, but there are still a lot of my relatives who continue to farm.  The one I know the best is my great aunt.  It seemed that every time we visited her when I was a kid, we came back with a cat, however on this visit we only came back with fresh eggs.  Now 87, she no longer climbs up into the hay loft or does any of the physical farm work on their combined 600 acres of hay, corn, and soybeans.  She leaves that to two of her sons.  She still maintains the books and handles the administrative work though.

sporting her County Farm Bureau shirt

sporting her County Farm Bureau shirt

Aunt Betty_005

And then there’s the stories – lots of them, but never and unkind word about anyone.

tractor and corn planter_010

tractor and corn planter

tractor and corn planter

the hay barn

the hay barn

fuel storage tanks

fuel storage tanks



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